IPC Membership (Due Jan. 1st)

Please print this page and mail along with your check payable to the Illinois Paddling Council to:

Illinois Paddling Council Membership
Jack Snarr
2316 Prospect Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201

IPC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (click here for .pdf version)

_____New _____Renewal Date_____/_____/______ (renewal of ACA membership is handled directly by the ACA)




City________________________________State_____________ Zip_____________

Telephone_____________________ e-mail__________________________________


_____$15 Individual _____$45 IPC/ACA* Individual (new members only)

_____$11 Junior Age (under 17)

_____$15 Family (adults/juniors) living at same address ____ $55 IPC/ACA Family (new members only)

_____$25 Affiliate (business, governmental agency)

_____$30 + $1 per member for Organizational Membership (clubs)

          Name(s)                    Date of Birth           Relation

____________________ ____/____/____ ____________

____________________ ____/____/____ ____________

____________________ ____/____/____ ____________

____________________ ____/____/____ ____________


$_______Additional Donation To Support IPC Activities

  • IPC offers a joint membership in the AMERICAN CANOE ASSOCIATION the largest national organization for paddlesport. Membership includes a yearly subscription to PADDLER MAGAZINE, discounts and more. For details visit www.acanet.org or call 703-451-0141.
  • IPC is affiliated with the UNITED STATES CANOE ASSOCIATION, the sanctioning body for marathon competitions in Illinois - www.uscanoe.com

Send your membership application and check made out to:

Illinois Paddling Council

c/o Jack Snarr, 2316 Prospect Avenue, Evanston IL 60201


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